General Motors Works on Compact EV that Can Communicate with Other Cars

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General Motors is working on a two-seat eco-friendly vehicle that would suit people who are not fond of car-stuffed cities.

Due to the car’s compact size it can easily fit in narrow traffic spaces. GM named its new vehicle EN-V (also called “envy”). In fact the three letters in the name stand for Electric Networked Vehicle.

The main customers are expected to be the citizens of megapolises such as Shanghai or Beijing.

It would be interesting to note that one of the main markets where GM activates is China, where the company collaborates with Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. in order to sell vehicle in India where a large number of cities have millions of inhabitants.

The American car-maker officially presented its new vehicle in March at the 2010 Shanghai Expo. Now GM plans to presents the EN-V in Las Vegas in January. In addition, the company hopes to show its car at the Detroit Auto Show. So far General Motors built 10 “envy” vehicles for demonstration.

The EN-V can be called a perfect vehicle for urban areas due to the fact that it has a small battery for electric driving. But probably its most interesting feature is that it can wirelessly communicate with other cars.

The company has equipped its electric vehicle with a special technology developed by its OnStar subsidiary. the new technology allows the car to communicate with other cars, thus being able to anticipate dangers and even scan blocks to find a parking space.

[via The Detroit News]


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