Peugeot Marks its 200th Anniversary with EX1

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It order to mark the 200th birthday of the French car manufacturer Peugeot, the company’s designers decided to create something special and came up with an impressive concept car that combines Peugeot’s knowledge in making 2 and 4-wheeled cars.

The new vehicle is called EX1 and it represents a zero-emission concept car running on an electric engine.

The latter is composed of two electric motors installed on each axle. Each of these two motors can generate 125KW of power.

It would be interesting to note that the mechanical architecture of the vehicle enables weight distribution and allows the EX1’s four-wheel drive to be optimized.

In addition, the striking design of the car is revolutionary, featuring a large air intake, side scoops and low-profile wind screen.

[via EcoFriend]


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