Chase 2053 – Hydrogen Vehicle that Can Move on Both Land and Air

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With an increasing number of futuristic car designs, we’re getting closer to vehicles that could transport people not only by land but by land as well.

One of the newest and most interesting concept cars was designed by Thomas Larsen Roed who spent a lot of time designing an eco-friendly vehicle, which, after finally being finished, was called “Chase 2053.”

The three-wheeled vehicle can run on both land and air and as its name indicates, the car is designed for the year 2053.

Due to the fact that the core of Chase 2053 is made of carbon nanotubes, the vehicles is very tough.

The skin represents a mix of stretch materials and polycarbonate, which means that it is resistant to any damage.

Under its hood one will be able to find a slush hydrogen engine that allows the car to register zero emissions.

[via The Design Blog]


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