Ford Presents Lincoln MKZ – World’s Most Fuel-Efficient Luxury Hybrid

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Ford decided to launch onto the market its new eco-friendly vehicle called Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, which is mainly the company’s already famous Fusion Hybrid but with some additional luxury features from Lincoln.

It is worth mentioning that the new vehicle from Ford was one of the most remarkable launches, with the car being named the most fuel-efficient luxury hybrid, a title that was previously held by the Lexus HS 250h.

Ford’s Lincoln MKZ is rated at 41 miles per gallon city, 36 mph on the highway and 39 mpg combined. Despite the fact that the vehicle is much bigger than the 4-door Lexus, it shows a better performance (by 4 mpg)

In addition, Ford’s new eco-friendly car is more powerful, being able to generate 191 horsepower using a parallel hybrid powertrain.

Inside the base model buyers will be able to use a high-tech Sync system, which features an LCD touch-screen interface, climate control options and even Bluetooth hands-free calling.

For extra $3,595 the buyer will be able to obtain a navigation package with some additional features such as a blind-spot awareness system and a rear-view camera.

The price tag for the base model is $34,300.

[via Motor Trend]


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