Meet sandYou – Electric Vehicle that Can Sail

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The inspiration for this incredible concept called “sandYou” was the shape of a surfboard.

Designed to run on a leek electric motor incorporated in the main body of the vehicle, sandYou features 4 lifebuoy-like inflated wheels.

Inside the wheel there are fans that rotate when the wind blows. These fans play the role of wind turbines and produce clean energy that is used to charge the onboard batteries.

But the role of the fans doesn’t en here – they can also be used as boat propellers that allow the vehicle to run on the water.

It is worth mentioning that the main frame of sandYou features 4 light seats made of wood and tissue. The seats have small, elegant boxes mounted on their topsides to be used for carrying various personal items.

The design also includes a foot pedal located in front of the seats, in case the user considers sailing.

The rather simple canvas that saves the driver from the sun can be also used as a sail. This can be achieved by cranking the winch.

[via Local Motors]


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