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Ford Sees Coconuts As Alternative to Petroleum

October 10th, 2011

Throughout the past couple of years, Ford managed to increase the use of various eco-friendly materials in its vehicles.

The famous car-making company started making cushions using soy foam seat, instrument panels using castor oil foam, underbody systems using recycled resins and more.

Recently Ford started experimenting with coconut fibers that are also known as coir.

The new material is expected to make door and seat trim, plastic storage bins, and cup holders mode durable, as well as making its vehicles more recyclable.

It would be interesting to note that coconut fibers can be used to make lightweight products, which means that a car can save more energy.

In addition, these fibers create more pleasant interiors due to the fact that they have a more natural-looking textured finish.

According to Dr. Ellen Lee, technical expert for Plastics Research at Ford, the company is continuously looking for ground-breaking renewable technologies able to cut the amount of petroleum used.

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