Joule – The First EV from South Africa

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For the first time information about the first electric vehicle from South Africa appeared online in 2010 and recently some additional data and images were brought.

Called “Joule”, the five-seater passenger car is not as technologically advanced as its famous counterparts Nissan Leaf and Honda Fit, but it is worth talking about.

The vehicle was built by Optimal Energy (Pty) Ltd, a private company established in 2005. The project got assistance from the government so that Joule would meet all standards set by UN-ECE.

The vehicle boasts a city range of 186 miles and a lithium ion battery that is fully recyclable, which makes South Africa even more proud of its car. The battery requires about 7 hours to get fully charged using a 220 volt home outlet.

It is worth mentioning that the South-African carmaker has its headquarters in Cape Town, the city where most of the nation’s renewable energy projects are being developed.

The vehicle’s top speed is 87mph. It measures 12.8 feet long, 5.9 feet wide and its trunk has a volume of 185 gallons.

Joule is expected to hit the South-African market by 2015 and later be rolled out in other countries.


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