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Expedition Vehicle Concept for Urban and Rural Areas

December 29th, 2009

expedition-vehicle-conceptHere we have another alternative for agglomerated urban areas. Designed by Prodan Dragos, a designer from Romania, the E.V.C. (Expedition Vehicle Concept) represents a multifunctional eco-friendly car that the driver can configure. The vehicle can be changed from a camping model to an open top boulevard car.

The E.V.C. boasts a nano-polymere body and a 4×4 hybrid drivetrain. It has 250 millimeters of ground clearance, which means that you won’t have any problems crossing through country roads. » Read more: Expedition Vehicle Concept for Urban and Rural Areas

Triker – Eco-friendly Three-wheeled Electric Car

November 30th, 2009

the-triker-eco-friendly-car-three-wheeledMarouane Bembli, a designer from Sweden is the one who came up with this interesting concept. The Trinker represents an electric vehicle that runs on three wheels. Besides being eco-friendly, it is rather inexpensive.

Tricker can be used to drive virtually anywhere. The designer claims that the environmentally friendly car is very comfortable.

In addition, due to the fact that Tricker’s body is made of a single module that is installed on an aluminum chassis, the vehicle has considerably reduced in weight. One can easily change the color of the vehicle or its material. » Read more: Triker – Eco-friendly Three-wheeled Electric Car

Solar-powered MINILUX Vehicle for Leisure Purposes

November 6th, 2009

minilux-solar-powered-concept-car-backMINILUX is a concept car that aims urban dwellers that use their vehicles mostly when they have free time, using other means of transport during the day. The concept was designed by Jukka Rautiainen and its key feature is the ability to harvest solar energy by using high-efficiency photovoltaic panels. The driver can pug the vehicle in to a domestic or public access point, thus providing two ways of charging the batteries. If driven across Central Europe and the east coast of the United States, the car would run 9,000 miles a year on solar energy, while in sunny regions like California and Australia MINILUX would be able to achieve a solar powered range of 16,000 miles. » Read more: Solar-powered MINILUX Vehicle for Leisure Purposes