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Electric Flake Concept Car

August 9th, 2011

Have you ever thought about a vehicle that could breathe like a living creature? Da Feng definitely thought about that and designed a car dubbed the Project Flake.

The exterior of the vehicle features flexible scales able to separate in order to control the airflow and cooling.

These scales can also play the role of small air brakes and offer downforce for the car. Today there are a few vehicles that harness a similar technology, one of them being the BMW GINA concept car.

The idea behind the Flake concept car is mainly a puppeteering system that makes use of nano-tube cables in combination with electromagnetic solenoids used to track, adjust, and increase the performance of the car.

One more interesting feature (in fact the one that made this vehicle appear in an eco-friendly cars blog) is that the scales can also track the sun, acting like solar panels, thus the vehicle is able to generate its batteries much faster.

[via Carbuzz]

The designer’s blog.

Eco-Friendly Bus Carrying Bikes to Help Tourists Explore Seoul

July 26th, 2011

Kukil Han, a talented designer from Seoul has recently posted his latest design of a solar-powered bus called Bike Guide. The vehicle will transport people around the capital of South Korea eco-friendly style.

The concept is very impressive and could really be brought to life and become rather useful in European cities as well.

The designer’s idea was that tourists visiting Seoul can sign up for a tour around the city at any kiosk mounted in the area. The stations include maps with stops along the route so passengers would be able to pre-pay for the service. The payment is made via a touchscreen device.

The eco-friendly bus with several bikes attached to it features solar panels mounted on the roof. At each stop the bus detaches bikes so people could explore the city on their own. After returning to the bus, passengers attach the bikes back and wait until the vehicle reaches the next location.

While riding the bus, people can watch a television that says about the next point that tourists may consider exploring. The same information is provided when people use the bicycles. A small display mounted on the handlebar of the bike provides data on the time of departure, GPS navigation, historical facts and more.

Watch the video below to get a clearer picture of the whole concept.

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China’s BYD to Launch the World’s Largest Fleet of Electric Buses

May 18th, 2011

The Chinese car-making company BYD has signed a contract to manufacture over 300 electric buses. Dubbed eBus-12, the vehicle represents another step of PRC to becoming greener.

It is worth mentioning that the fleet of all-electric buses will be launched for the 2011 International Universiade Games that will take place in Shenzhen.

One of the most impressive advantages of the bus is its ability to register a long range of 250 kilometers on a single charge. This has become possible due to a high quality Fe battery apparatus with environmentally-friendly rechargeable system. Despite the fact that the battery allows the vehicle to travel almost 250 kilometers per charge, with the fast recharge mechanism used in the vehicle’s battery it takes about 30 minutes to achieve 50 percent state of charge.

It’s for the first time that BYD has been given the task to create eco-friendly buses. It would be interesting to note that BYD is China’s leading company that specializes in high performance eco-friendly rechargeable batteries and other green technologies.

As soon as the buses become part of the transportation system of Shenzhen, it will become the largest fleet of electric buses in the world.

In order to create a pure electric vehicle, BYD decide to use in-wheel motor drive system along with Iron Phospate (Fe) Battery technology.

Besides, by using axle-free drive system, the company managed to create more rider-friendly buses that have their floors much lower compared to traditional buses.

Because the air-conditioning system requires a lot of energy, the company decided to equip its buses with solar panels mounted on the roof. The power collected by these solar panels is stored in the Fe Battery.

[via BusinessWire]

Students Turn Audi into Electric Vehicle that Also Harnesses Solar Energy

March 30th, 2011

In order to demonstrate that it is possible to mix an electric car with a solar-powered one, a group of students from Georgia Tech has presented their latest project – an electric vehicle that can harness solar energy.

Members of the team entitled Solar Jackets recently unveiled their super car at the Buckhead Eco-Collection.

They managed to transform an Audi into a “solar-assisted electric vehicle”, equipping it with two batteries that can be charged by plugging the car’s charger into an electric socket.

The bigger battery is used to power the vehicle while the smaller one powers windows, steering and brakes. It is worth mentioning that with the help of solar panels, the car can harness solar energy that is stored on the smaller battery.

According to the tech aerospace engineering student Corbin Klett of Buford, currently the team is working hard on the design of car so it could compete in the forthcoming World Solar Challenge that will take part in Australia.

[via GreenOptimistic]

Alcatraz – Compact and Aerodynamic Electric Car Equipped with Solar Panels

February 15th, 2011

This concept car was designed for the San Francisco Motors Competition. It combines improved aerodynamics and compactness.

However, the most important feature of Alcatraz is the use of solar panels mounted on its roof and hood.

The solar panels generate electricity that is used to extend the range of the car.

In addition, the vehicle features 6 batteries that allow the car to travel 80 miles on a single charge. » Read more: Alcatraz – Compact and Aerodynamic Electric Car Equipped with Solar Panels

Aerius – Solar-Powered Electric Supercar

January 21st, 2011

Engineers are continuously working on extending the range of electric vehicle. According to designer Pei-Cheng Hsieh of the Monash University, there’s a necessity to equip vehicle with solar panels.

He decided to design his own vehicle and called it Aerius. The concept electric car shows how the proposed technology works.

The vehicle was designed for the year 2025 and it shows the performance of race cars combined with the latest green energy producing technologies. » Read more: Aerius – Solar-Powered Electric Supercar

AXA – Compact Solar-Powered Concept Car

September 24th, 2010

Designed by Marian, the AXA is an eco-friendly vehicle that is meant to travel across car-stuffed city-streets.

The zero-emission concept has its rooftop covered with solar panels that harness solar energy in order to charge the onboard batteries during sunny days.

Marian thought about designing a vehicle that would be energy efficient, which is why he included LED lights and used lightweight materials. » Read more: AXA – Compact Solar-Powered Concept Car

Energo Racer – Futuristic Vehicle that Can Run on Different Power Sources

September 6th, 2010

When he designed the Energo Racer, Paul Hanna draw inspiration from nature, mainly from marine animals and the way they move their bodies to swim faster through the water.

The vehicle is 22 feel long and 8 feet wide.

One more interesting feature is that the car can be molded to be powered by different alternative fuels or power sources such as hydrogen, solar and electric power.

» Read more: Energo Racer – Futuristic Vehicle that Can Run on Different Power Sources

Volvo Skylon – Futuristic, Eco-Friendly Truck

September 2nd, 2010

Designer Nikita Kalinin, a Bachelor of Science in Transportation Design from Art Center College of Design, came up with the idea of creating a futuristic high-speed truck for Volvo.

He was greatly inspired by the aerodynamics of Bullet Trains and Le Mans cars.

Mr. Kalinin called his eco-friendly truck Skylon. The truck has a series of solar panels installed on its rooftop. » Read more: Volvo Skylon – Futuristic, Eco-Friendly Truck

Bentley Jeckyll and Hyde – Concept Car that Harnesses Solar and Wind Energy

July 29th, 2010

This futuristic concept of an electric vehicle is wisely called the Bentley Jeckyll and Hyde.

It is obvious that this car is not like the other models from Bentley.

The concept was designed by Bora Kim, and if it is built, the Bentley Jeckyll and Hyde has good chances of revolutionizing the luxury car industry.

One of its interesting features is the ability to manipulate the surface for aerodynamics. » Read more: Bentley Jeckyll and Hyde – Concept Car that Harnesses Solar and Wind Energy